Our Mission

To make a mark in our chosen area, by being ever abreast of new possibilities. To anticipate the needs of our customers and end users and to translate their requirements into meaningful products. To create, innovate and produce excellence through a philosophy of uncompromising dedication at every level of function. To nurture a lasting relationship with our distributors- our partners in growth, through empathic understanding and mutual respect. To leverage our human resources by recognizing and rewarding talent, to create an ethos of perfectionism.

Winning the trust of the best in world

What has earned us the loyalty of the most demanding customers in the world? What gives us the edge to deliver greater value to customers? Firstly, our experience (over 60 years) in understanding a patient’s need and a doctor’s requirement. Secondly, our first-hand knowledge of designing and developing products. Thirdly, the unquestioned integrity of our products. But most importantly, our ability to serve the emerging needs of our customers with speed and agility. Little surprise that Romsons products are being exported to developed and emerging markets in over 65 countries.

A product for every need? Well, almost 

We have the largest product portfolio in the industry (100 products in over 600 sizes), which caters to almost the entire spectrum of patient need. Designed and manufactured to deliver maximum performance and safety, Romsons is the last word in quality. Most significantly, the name Romsons continues to inspire trust for unsurpassed quality, innovation & safety of its products.