ROMO VAC SET - Closed wound suction unit


  • Suitable to offer surgeons and doctors an effective device for closed wound drainage under negative pressure postoperatively with the option to use one or two catheters simultaneously.
  • Redon drain catheters are provided with radio opaque line and satin smooth eyes.
  • Connecting tube is kink resistant and is provided with additional strength to withstand the suction.
  • Easy to use by one person, depress the chamber to activate the suction of bellow unit.
  • Available in different sizes with matching size curved needle to meet moderate to heavy drainage needs.

    Unit consist of:
  • Bellow unit with connector
  • Connecting tube with clamp and "Y" connector.
  • Curved needle with matching catheter.
  • Spare perforated catheter. 


Type Below Unit Master Packing
GS 5002S    800ml 20
GS 5002F    500ml 40
GS 5002M    400ml 40
GS 5002N    50ml 50


Sizes in FG  Colour Code  
06 Sea Green
08 Blue
10 Black
12 White
14 Green
16 Orange
18 Red

Supplied As : Complete unit packed in a box and subsequently overpacked in skin film to avoid tampering, Sterile ready for use.