Health and hygiene

Health and hygiene

Did You Know?

  • Worldwide, 5.3% of all deaths and 6.8% of all disability are caused by poor sanitation, poor hygiene and unsafe water.
  • Nearly two-thirds (67%) of the total population practice open defecation and only one-third (33%) have access to washrooms.
  • A total of 75% of the population is without access to proper sanitation.
  • Access to sanitary system, garbage disposal and toilets are lowest among the poor population and there is a huge gap in access to sanitary facilities, that’s available to the poorest population and the national average.

Hygiene maintenance comes with no age bar; you need to be thoughtful of it at every moment.

Why is Personal Hygiene Necessary?

Should not even be a question. Health is the best weapon to fight the battle of life. All other factors including intelligence, merit etc. go to vain if one does not maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of his/her wellbeing. No amount of wealth earned can make up for ruined health. Hygiene is a set of personal practices that contributes to good health. It includes basic things like: Washing hands properly, Bathing, cutting hair/nails etc. Necessity of hygiene is to keep oneself healthy and safe from possible diseases. By maintaining our health and hygiene, we not only favor ourselves but also the people around us. It has rightly been said that ‘Health is Wealth’.

Maintaining personal hygiene is essential for more than one reason; social, health, personal, psychological or just as a way of life. Maintaining a good standard of hygiene helps keep infections, illnesses and bad odours at bay. The importance of hygiene should be taught from an early age to help cultivate good habits. Personal hygiene can be defined as an act of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. Maintaining good personal hygiene consists of bathing, washing your hands, brushing teeth and sporting clean clothing. Additionally, it is also about making safe and hygienic decisions when you are around others.

One of the most fool proof ways to safeguard yourself and others from illness is through good personal hygiene. Good personal hygiene not only enhances your overall appearance, its importance is directly related to prevention of diseases, infections, and unpleasant odours.

Hygiene is necessary for:

  • Killing Bad Bacteria (Germs).
  • Avoid Bad Breath and Body Odor.
  • Good Health & Prevent Sickness.


In some parts of the world, maintaining hygiene still lies as a critical challenge leading to loss of lives every day due to unsafe water, poor hygiene and sanitation. Thus, it becomes necessary to follow the basic hygiene practices like:

  • Washing the body often.
  • Use a tissue while coughing or sneezing and put used tissues in the bin.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after using the washroom.
  • Brushing the teeth at least once a day
  • Washing the hair with soap or shampoo at least once a week.
  • Keep your workplace and office files clean.
  • Keep your tools, instruments and machinery clean.
  • Never allow dust accumulation.


If you are following above practices, Welcome to the ‘Healthy Gang’! If not, ‘It is never too late to start with what matters the most”.

Since ages, the cleaning and hygiene products industry has been striving hard to deliver quality products to maintain health and hygiene. No matter where you are, be it hospitals, schools or homes, Cleanliness is a basic and prime requirement. Surveys suggest that cleanliness is often seen as a mark of respect. It has been known to give peace of mind to some, while some use it as a measure to define the quality of service at any place.

Health and hygiene being the basic parameter for a good living, we bring to you specially designed, easy to use and effective products to improve your health and hygiene in turn living a life with “DIGNITY”.

One’s hygiene gets difficult to maintain especially if the medical condition is of incontinence in geriatric population.

Thus, clinically proven DIGNITY® Premium Adult Diapers (GS-8405) has been specially designed to protect your loved ones from discomfort. The Adult diapers are easy to use and provide all day protection from incontinence in both men and women. It provides advanced leakage protection. It provides a snug and comfortable fit with refastenable pair of side tape. The product with its features is a beautiful contribution to the health and hygiene industry with a special focus for following:

  • Incontinence
  • Long Distance Travel
  • Bedridden & handicapped condition

DIGNITY® Mattey Underpads (GS-8414) – a product designed to meet patient’s need for hygiene just the right way not only in the hospital but also for home care. The disposable Underpads offer superior mattress protection without bidding adieu to comfort. The Premium strength cloth-like polyethylene back sheet prevents fluid leakage and keeps the mattress clean during usage. The product is gentle against the skin and comes with numerous features like: Absorbent core, unique quilted pattern, self-releasing silicone tape ensuring proper fixation etc.

Another hygiene product is DIGNITY® Spongee Body Wipes (GS-8425) cleansing wipes for maintaining body hygiene for patients who are confined to bed due to some or other medical reasons. Spongee is designed to:

  • Promote healthy skin with Aloe Vera and glycerin extract.
  • It keeps the user clean and fresh.
  • It can be used cold or warm.


Hygiene majorly focuses on personal habits for bodily cleanliness. Keeping a good standard of hygiene helps us in preventing development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odor.

Case Study

Inadequate sanitation has direct effect on health of individual, family, communities and nation as a whole. Simply, having sanitation facilities increases health well-being and economic productivity. Sanitation includes use of washroom, personal hygiene, clean surrounding, proper disposal of solid and liquid wastages and hygienic behavior. Toilet is taken as an essential and basic indicator of health and sanitation worldwide. Proper sanitation is a necessary prerequisite for improvement in general health standards, productivity of labour force and good quality of life.

  • Every 20 seconds, a child around the world dies as a result of poor sanitation.
  • About 80% of all disease of the developing world is related to unsafe water and inadequate sanitation.


We as a nation need to come together and join hands in creating awareness about the importance of ‘Health and Hygiene’. Government and Non-governmental organization should be involved with their full participation. There should be extensive health education program for the people about the personal hygiene and sanitation. Let us prioritize our well-being over anything else! After all, who would not want to stay fit and healthy, while living a life of their dreams?